Generative AI at Pragava
Data for AI at Pragava
Customer Feedback Analysis

Pragava helps organizations leverage the power of Generative AI on custom data to derive complex insights across vast volumes of data.
This has applications across multiple industries and use cases in areas such as competitive intelligence, business forecasting, feedback systems and CRMs

Analytics at Paragava
Key Feature Extraction

With massive volumes of data being created everyday, understanding what is important is vital to business and business owners. We build complex systems for Natural Language understanding that cand derive key insights.

AI/ML at Pragava
Text generation

PRAGAVA helps customer create complex systems for generating text across multiple use cases in marketing, media and more

What do we do?

Model development

PRAGAVA develops end to end custom Generative AI models for our customers across domains.

Industry Solutions

We help our customers design specific solutions using Generative AI. Right from LLM selection, data collection to model fine tuning, development and deployment.

Data Annotation

Data collection, Annotation and processing is an area which is vital to success in AI including Generative AI. We work with our customers in creating, sourcing and annotating data.

Process Automation

We help customers identify areas of business where automation can be applied. This includes selecting the right AI capabilities and applying them.


The infrastructure needed to train and deploy AI systems is vital to the success and also has huge bearings on cost. PRAGAVA works with our customers to select the right infrastructure.

Offline AI on Edge

Regulatory requirements, Latency and a variety of other requirements mean that models have to be moved offline or in closed environments. We help create such solutions on Edge devices and platforms.