Our Services

PRAGAVA works on a broad set of platforms. From using best in class public platforms to building custom ones tailored to our customer requirements we address them all.

Pragava Services

Platforms and technology

Technology at Pragava

Our experience spans the major public cloud platforms such Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and others such as Alibaba Cloud.

Pragava has developed complex solutions spanning multiple cloud platforms in the areas of fintech, SaaS products for startups, telehealth, analytics, cloud migration and automation.

AI/ML in Pragava

Pragava helps our customers build and train models on multiple frameworks such as TensorFlow, CoreML, PyTorch, Kaldi, Windows ML amongst others.

AI is fundamentally altering capabilities of machines. Pragava helps our customers through the entire life cycle of being AI-ready. From collection/annotating data, training models to building AI-ready systems for complex enterprise Line of Business scenarios.

Devops at Pragava

We can help build modern development environments with technology from Azure DevOps, IBM, GitHub and CircleCI

As organizations transform development processes are undergoing radical shifts. Pragava helps organization with setting up and managing their development environments bringing speed and agility

IoT at Pragava

Pragava works with various clients on custom implementations using IoT Platforms such as Azure IoT, Percept, AWS Iot Core, Android based, OpenRemote and Particle

Pragava builds complex IoT solutions across platforms enabling integration, orchestration and management of IoT devices. We work across multiple industries in manufacturing, safety, retail and others

Data Science at Pragava
Data Science

We help bring your data to life. Our experience spans multiple platforms such as PowerBI, Tableau,SAS, Databricks and more.

As companies make the transitions to more AI and Data-driven organizations, many companies face challenges in managing, analyzing and making meaningful use of the mass of data that is being created. Pragava brings unique capabilities in helping our clients organize, analyze and deduce insight from their data. Using tools such as PowerBI, Tableau and other visualization tools we help make the best of your data.

How can we help you?

Application Modernization

PRAGAVA helps clients accelerate their modernization across multiple layers. We work on data modernization, UX modernization and architecture transformation. Enable your customers, employees and partners connect, engage and work with you seamlessly.

Cloud Enablement

PRAGAVA brings extensive experience in enabling existing workloads to be moved to the cloud. This is across Windows, WPF, Winforms or other desktop oriented technologies moving to public or private cloud. We work across the major vendors such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS.

AI/ML and Data Science

PRAGAVA helps our customers bring the power of AI and ML to their products. We provide end to end capabilities around data creation, annotation, ML training and model generation. We also provide extensive capabilities around data science and analytics.