Pragava brings deep expertise in Applied AI. Pragava helps enterprise apply NLP/NLU, Generative AI, Forecasting and more to real world business problems.

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Services we provide

Our cored expertise lies in building products, across technology platforms, across domains.

Product Engineering Services
Product Engineering

Pragava brings deep expertise on developing products. Our portfolio of services spans product development on cloud, mobile, desktop applications and Iot/Edge platforms

AI/ML Services

Pragava works with our diverse set of customers to support data science requirements including AI/ML model development, analytics and data collection/annotation.

IoT Services

Pragava's brings specialized experience in building connected systems based on IoT platforms in varied domains such as industrial automation, healthcare and other.

Data Science/Analytics Services
Data Science/Analytics

PRAGAVA works with our clients to gain deep insight into data using modern analytics tools and custom built solutions across a range of industries


“I founded Pragava with the intention of making product development expertise to organizations of every size.We bring our deep experience and expertise on building some of the most complex software created with the global top 3 in technology to every engagement”

Who do we work with?


PRAGAVA has deep roots in working with enterprises of various sizes across varying industry verticals. We enable our clients to bring best in class product engineering inhouse at rapid scale.


PRAGAVA brings world class engineering capabilities to startups looking to rapidly scale design and product developments. We bring deep expertise in taking an idea from founders and bringing it to life in a short period of time

Public Sector

PRAGAVA supports federal, state and government bodies in multiple areas such as AI, Healthcare systems and Citizen Services.

Why Choose Us?

PRAGAVA brings value to our customers through a unique and agile development/design process that emphasizes iterative delivery, quality and speed.

Our expertise spans diverse technology platforms. Our ability to connect and integrate solutions across platforms , hardware and devices is a unique capability we bring to our customers. With deep insight into technology trends and partnerships with the worlds leading technology companies we are able to bring state of the art technology to products and solutions.

Who do we work with?

Pragava Client Amazon AWS
Pragava Client Microsoft
Pragava Client Amazon Prime

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